Early this year RWRN volunteers visited a 90-something-year-old Holocaust survivor who was in the hospital for weeks and had stopped eating. Her family was frantic. We knew that this woman’s guilty pleasure is General Hospital. Rachel posted throughout her social networks asking if anyone had connections with cast members. In a whirlwind of people wanting to do good things, two of the show’s main characters – Maurice Benard who plays lovable mob boss Sonny Corinthos, and Laura Wright who plays Carly Benson –  both made short videos for this woman.  Not only did these thoughtful videos lift her mood and spirits, the staff at the hospital she was in kept visiting to see the videos. This woman was not only special to her family, but she became a star in her own right as hospital staff popped in to watch her GH videos. RWRN loves helping with the difficult moments in life, but we also really love adding a smile to people’s day whenever possible.

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