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It’s Easier to Donate to RWRN


You may have noticed a new feature on our site. Scroll down and there’s a blue “donate” button. RWRN has chosen GiveButter as our donation partner to make it easier way to make a single or recurring donation. Simply click, choose the amount and follow the prompts and your donation is complete. And just like that your gift helps us to make the world a better place! You can also...

RWRN X Ed Sheeran


In addition to working with caregivers, Holocaust survivors and other individuals facing life’s toughest moments, RWRN loves helping make magic happen whenever possible. When we heard about a sixteen year old girl going through intensive chemo treatment who dreamed of attending a sold-out Ed Sheeran concert, we stopped everything we were doing to try to make it happen. Thanks to friends of...



Early this year RWRN volunteers visited a 90-something-year-old Holocaust survivor who was in the hospital for weeks and had stopped eating. Her family was frantic. We knew that this woman’s guilty pleasure is General Hospital. Rachel posted throughout her social networks asking if anyone had connections with cast members. In a whirlwind of people wanting to do good things, two of the show’s main...