RWRN During Covid…And Beyond


In February 2020, mere weeks before the first New York Covid lockdown, the RWR Network held our first fundraising tea. It was a great success. Our timing could have been better though!

Our plans back then included creating a drop-in center in Brooklyn. Needless to say, RWRN had to completely shift gears as we tried to figure out how to navigate the pandemic and help those who needed us most.

During some of the hardest moments of lockdown and quarantine, some of our volunteers started crafting with intent. In late 2020 we helped launch Blankets and Hugs, (full site coming soon). Blankets and Hugs has a dedicated network of volunteer crafters who create and donate blankets for children under the age of 10 undergoing treatment for cancer or other life-threatening conditions. We also have an order one/donate one program where you can order a bespoke blanket and one is donated in your honor or in honor or memory of a loved one, as well as a blankets for caregivers division. Full details will become available soon.

In early 2021 we helped to launch New York Co-Op Reform, an advocacy group serving co-op owners, elderly residents, and apartment building residents of all ages especially those being preyed upon by unscrupulous or greedy real estate developers or shady co-op boards. As a non-profit organization we never share political input, we simply advocate for all New York City residents to be afforded the same rights and dignity.

In early 2022, Rachel Weingarten became a certified chaplain in a quest to find more formal ways to help those in need. Late in the same year, Rebecca Weingarten also became a certified chaplain. The Weingarten sisters are incredibly proud that their mother Leah Weingarten Silber is also a chaplain.

On a lighter note, at the RWR Network, we also do our best to add everyday magic to the lives of people going through tough times. Through our support groups, text based education, tech hotline, virtual tea ups, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences we remind people to embrace joyful moments every single day when possible.